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Our Approach

Fit and Healthy Journey's Retreat is a healthy holiday, that provides the perfect balance of fitness, food and fun. It is not the kind of retreat that involves a detox or overhaul of diet and restriction. Here, wellbeing is reached with blissful afternoons exploring what Ireland has to offer after a morning of physical training and stimulating topics for discussion. Your evenings will be filled with indulging gourmet food, local culture, and nights winding down with yoga before drifting into a dreamy slumber. The retreat has a more relaxed approach to keep your health goals in check whilst holidaying, and making sure you leave having fully unwound and relaxed.

Mary Hopperton

Retreat Director, Personal Fitness Trainer and Holistic Health Coach

Mary's love of exercise, nutrition, and Ireland (native home) has led her to create a magical place where women can take a journey to renew their health, rebalance their minds and bodies and reward their souls. Over the years she found that after returning from a trip to Ireland, she always returns feeling totally rejuvenated. This is how "Fit and Healthy Journeys" was born. Your journey not only includes a trip to experience the magic of Ireland in a beautiful cottage, nestled in West Cork, but more importantly embark on a journey to create balance in your life by renewing your health and rebalancing your mind and body through amazing whole foods, and a balance of exercise, relaxation and fun.

Mary is the owner of an all women fitness gym in greater San Diego area called Fitness Xpress. She is also a personal trainer and holistic health coach and an instructor for many different fitness classes. She has a very simple and realistic approach to nutrition and believe that little changes over time make everlasting results. No matter if you're a newbie or a pro, you're going to have a perfect fitness experience. Mary helps women achieve their fitness goals through realistic, achievable movement and aims to always make her sessions fun. Her creativity is unmatched, energy is contagious, and positive attitude and a dash of humor is inspiring. No matter what your experience level is, you'll be captivated by Mary's radiant persona and empowering attitude.

Meet Our Team

We want to share fitness, food, and fun entertainment with our guests. Meet our team - Andrea Yoga Instructor & Masseuse, Dora Chef, Denis Professional Driver & Tour Guide and lead by our Retreat Director Mary.



Yoga & Massage

Andrea Rumery has been joyfully practicing since 1997 as a massage therapist, energy worker and a yoga instructor.

She is uplifted in assisting females in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, radiate relaxation from the inside out, and feeling youthful. Not only are all of the physical systems of the body addressed with Andrea, but so is mental calming and emotional release as she feels that health is holistic. Mind, body, and spirit connection is important. This is accomplished through the touch of massage, yoga asanas, breath work, Reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, Qi Gong, music, and high quality oils. She incorporates her passion for the environment and animals into her practice by purchasing products that are organic, animal friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. She often reminds her clients and students to give themselves permission to let-go of pain and stress. It’s ok to feel good.

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Dora has several passions that she calls her loves, because she enjoys each one of them to the fullest. COOKING is her favorite.

For many years, Dora has prepared exquisite international dishes, initially for her family, and then as a catering business. She owned a successful family restaurant in Colombia, where the menu featured some of her favorite Columbian recipes. Her family has a long history of medical issues and to avoid such issues she evolved her cooking expertise to pure wholesome recipes made from organic ingredients.  Dora says, “Eating organic home cooked food is a must to live a long and healthy life”.  “Let food be thy medicine” quoted by Hippocrates many years ago, which holds more truth today than ever before. This is what she strives to do with each meal she cooks.

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Professional Driver & Tour Guide

Denis is a native of Skibbereen, West Cork. He has lived in Cork most of his life, and is very familiar with the area.

Denis is a graduate of Grade College, Templemore, which prepared him for a career as a private chauffeur and guard for Irish senior government officials. Throughout his work he has travelled the world and has met many world dignitaries. He recently retired and is now enjoying life as a local tour guide in the Cork area. He enjoys gardening and exploring the local hiking trails.
Denis has great knowledge of the history and culture of Ireland and knows the best tourist destinations, amazing hidden gems, interesting stories and much more. His great sense of humor will make you eager to hear more local folklore.

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