Join retreat to Cork, Ireland!

Join us for a retreat in Cork, Ireland. The tentative timeframe is May 2018. Check this Blog often to learn more about the retreat as we build a fit and healthy journey for YOU!

The retreat is lead by a professional team, who will guide you through the charming towns in Cork, lead you in daily fitness, yoga and finish with a massage. Also, a chef will be provide gourmet cooking lessons, with recipes you can bring home, and relive the memories of Ireland through your foodie experience.


Retreat Director & Fitness Trainer, Mary Hopperton

Mary owns Fitness Xpress for Women, was a former nurse and is from Ireland. Her goal is to provide guests with life balance, fitness on the go, entertaining journeys and healthy foods to energize guests for the entire retreat.

Private Driver & Tour Guide, Dennis

Dennis is a local Irishman who knows the sights very well. He was a professional driver for Irish dignitaries.  His engaging personality will surely delight, as you learn about the local's favorite places to visit.

Professional Chef, Dora

Dora brings years of cooking to Ireland and is the onsite personal chef for the entire retreat. You will learn how to make healthy gourmet dishes and bring the recipes home to relive the memories as often as you like!

Master Yoga and Masseuse, Andrea

Andrea is a private yoga instructor and massage therapist. She will provide daily yoga in the studio and massage at the end of the day. Guests will enjoy wellbeing onsite for the entire retreat.

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